14 Cows For America – My new favourite picture book!

Kids often ask me “What your favourite book?”
I always tell them I don’t have just ONE favourite book – there are so many and all books are so different.
However, right now I do have a new favourite and I want to share it with you: 14 Cows For America by Carmen Agra Deedy and illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez.
Why have I not seen this glorious book in every house, every school and bookstore? Everybody needs to read this amazing, TRUE story.

14 Cows For America is the touching story of Kimeli, a young Maasai warrior from Kenya. He goes to America to study. When he returns to his village, he brings with him the heart wrenching story of hatred and hurt, a catastrophe that happened in America on 9/11. The Maasai elders are shocked. How can anyone hate like that?
To the fierce yet gentle Maasai, cows are sacred. Cows ensure life.
And so they offer the greatest gift they can: 14 cows for America. To help the American people to heal. ‘Because there is no nation so powerful that it cannot be wounded nor a people so small they cannot offer mighty comfort.’
A true story – beautifully worded by the author, accompanied by breathtaking paintings of the beautiful Maasai people. This is a tale to treasure and share.

And for now, it’s my favourite picture book.
I ordered my copy from: www.betterworldbooks.com