A new, local book for sailors with pooches

South Islander, Memoirs of a Cruising Dog by Amanda Spottiswoode

If you sail the waters around the Gulf Island AND have a dog, here’s a fun new book for you: South Islander, Memoirs of a Cruising Dog by Amanda Spottiswoode. Fun stories of years of sailing adventures are accompanied by maps of favorite (dog) walks on many islands. For those who cruise with dogs, and for those who like to venture ashore to stretch their legs, the book is illustrated with maps describing walks up and down the coast. The book tells tales of mishaps, adventures, explorations and glorious days on the water, set against the stunning backdrop of the waters, mountains and islands between the B.C. mainland and Vancouver Island. Whether you are an experienced sailor with extensive knowledge of the B.C. Coast, are new to boating, or even a confirmed landlubber and armchair sailor, you will enjoy this book, even if its price range is that of map/chart books, well above a softcover storybook. http://southislander.ca/