Book Review: Bloomability by Sharon Creech

Bloomability by Sharon Creech
One of those lovely books to curl-up with, this is the story of coming-of-age of a girl attending an international school in Switzerland.
After having been “kidnapped” by an aunt,Dinnie Doone discovers all the “bloomabilities” that life has to offer. 
As with many good tales, getting rid of the parents often seems important to allow the main character to blossom. In Dinnie’s “second life” in Europe, her family continues to neglect her, forgetting even to let her know where they’ve relocated. Dinnie gradually adjusts to her new environment and makes friends with other students from around the world: exuberant Guthrie; bitter Lila; and language-mangling Keisuke, who says “bloomable” when he means “possible.” 
Together, these middle schoolers share classes and adventures, and explore ideas and emotions. A great middle school read from Newbery Award-winning author Sharon Creech 
Paperback, 273 pages HarperTrophy ISBN 006440823X (ISBN13: 9780064408233)
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