Book Review: The Other Author Arthur

The Other Author Arthur, by Sheree Fitch
It might be because I love word play that I like this early reader so much. How brilliant is it to come up with this idea: an author named Arthur is about to visit an elementary school. The children are all excited.
The author, however, wished he could spend the day writing.
Meanwhile, a furnace repair man also named Arthur would love nothing better but to share stories with the students.
Everyone is happy when the two Arthurs are accidently switched, allowing one to tell stories and the other one to write in the furnace room!
This comedy of errors and mistaken identity brings a day of great stories for the children. Writing, telling our own stories, and the family feel of a small elementary school are themes beneath this farcical adventure. Grades 2-4. I hope, for your sake, that it is still in print.
A children’s chapter book illustrated by Jill Quinn.
Pottersfield Press, now distributed by Nimbus
ISBN-10 1-895900-20-4
Author’s website: