Bucket list of Books

I will be posting one book each week for the next 52 weeks. The books on this list are books that I like and admire. I have selected these titles because they stayed with me, changed me, touched me somehow. Some I picked because they were just wonderful to curl up with. Others left me reeling. Some of these books are picture books, others are adult, there is fiction, nonfiction, even poetry. There should be many more amazing books that I’d put on a ‘bucket reading list’. And there definitely should be more books by favorite authors like Katherine Patterson, Cynthia Voigt, Madeline L’Engle. Sometimes they are not here because I feel that you already know those books well enough. I selected some titles hoping you have never heard of them and will give them a try. Sometimes I’ve left off a favorite title because I already had another book by that author and want include as big a variety as possible. If your book isn’t on my list it’s not because I don’t love it. I merely selected those titles that effected me most. They are not posted in any particular order. Happy reading!

Adventures in Ancient Greece (Good Times Travel Agency #4) by Linda Bailey, Bill Slavin (Illustrator) The Binkertons — twins Josh and Emma and their little sister Libby — head to the Good Times Travel Agency hoping to visit the next Olympic Games, but they end up in Ancient Greece instead. Adventures in Ancient Greece is an exciting mix of adventure and historical information about life in Greece in the fifth century BC. Kids will learn about Greek gods, the birth of democracy, even Greek home life. They’ll love the book’s comic-book look, while parents, teachers and librarians will appreciate the well-researched story line and solid factual information. Paperback, 48 pages, Kids Can Press ISBN 1550745360 (ISBN13: 9781550745368)