Entertaining an Elephant by Bill McBride

Why is it, that so often the most powerful books are tiny, thin volumes. Think of Stone Fox. Think of Sarah Plain and Tall. Think of Tuesdays with Morrie. All little books with a tremendous impact and a huge message.
Entertaining an Elephant  fits right into the category. A powerful story for every teacher in your life

This is the heartwarming story of a burned-out teacher struggling though fifteen year of teaching. He is stuck in the proverbial rut and no longer finds no joy in teaching.
Through a set of unexpected events, mostly through listening to wisdom from an unexpected corner, the teacher becomes re-inspired with both his profession and his own life.
Woven into this short novel are quotes from world-renown spiritual and philosophical writers who suggest ways for us to face the tough challenges of today’s world.

Already in its 16th printing, the book is a favorite among educators and parents. Half the proceeds of every sale go to charity. As I read the book I kept looking at the photo of the very young author. I kept wondering where all of his wisdom came from… Impressive. I also checked out his website: http://entertaininganelephant.com/index.html
Bill McBride has written several books, most to do with literacy and writing. I highly recommend you read his books and savour their wisdom.