I Stood Upon A Mountain by Aileen Fisher

I Stood Upon A Mountain, a picture book by Aileen Fisher

This relatively unknown book is one of my all-time favorites. It’s older, and may not be readily available anymore – but you can still find it online. And it’s worth a search.

Standing on top of a mountain, a young child wonders about the creation of the world. How did it all happen?
One old man tells her it all started with an egg.
“Can it be true” she wonders.
“It all came from a word!” someone else tells her.
But what was before the word? How did oceans and deserts begin?

“With fire!” knows a native man.
“An explosion!” thinks someone else.
In the end, she realizes there are many answers. But does it really matter how it all began? Being filled with wonder if the most important thing as you gaze upon creation.

ISBN 0-690-03977-8