Jeremiah Learns To Read by Jo Ellen Bogart

Jeremiah Learns To Read by Jo Ellen Bogart, Laura Fernandez (Illustrator), Rick Jacobson (Illustrator)

Jeremiah is has always worked hard his whole life. He knows how to build a split-rail fence and make buttermilk pancakes, but he doesn’t know how to read. 
His wife says “what’s keeping you?” and so, one day, Jeremiah joins the children on their way to school.
The teacher assigns him a seat in the one-room schoolhouse and her students help him. In return Jeremiah teaches the children “how to chirp like a chickadee and honk like a goose.”
Jeremiah does learn how to read and, in fact, inspires his wife to do the same.
This is a touching story about the importance of literacy.

Hardcover, 32 pages, Scholastic Inc.
ISBN 0531301907 (ISBN13: 9780531301906)

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