Me and Martha Black

Me and Martha Black
Written by Margriet Ruurs
Cover art by Ted Harrison
Penumbra Press, ISBN 1894131878 | Softcover | $ 14.95
Novel for ages 10 and up

Melanie White likes history but she certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts. However, when a voice from the past begins to haunt her, she soon discovers wisdom in her words. With the plucky ghost of Martha Black as her guide, Melanie wanders through the history books like she never has before. From the Great Fire of Chicago, to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, Martha Black recounts her life story vividly-sometimes a little too vividly.

Along the way, Melanie hears the stories of a whole cast of Gold Rush characters: Klondike Kate, Soapy Smith, Robert Service, Sam McGee, and, of course, Martha Black, First Lady of the Yukon. In the glow of the midnight sun, these two Yukon women encounter adventure, mystery, as well as secrets from the past.

Me & Martha Black Teacher’s Guide (575Kb PDF)

Teaching Guide by Jan Keese: MarthaBlackGuide300

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