Ms. Bee’s Magical Bookcase

Ms. Bee’s Magical Bookcase
Written by Margriet Ruurs
Illustrated by Andrew Gooderham
Published by Chestnut, $8.95 US – $10.95 Canadian
ISBN 1-894601-10-6

At first the children would stare at the glasses on the tip of her nose or at her sensible shoes. But as soon as Ms. Bee, the school librarian, started telling stories, they forgot everything around them because she told the most wonderful stories they had ever heard. The Kindergartners stopped picking their noses and the Grade Fours stopped braiding their hair. Even the Fifth Graders forgot to open and close their velcro shoes. Miss Polly, the principal, would sneak into the library to listen too.

No one knew where the stories came from, but it sounded as if Ms. Bee had been there herself. When she was asked if the stories were true, Ms. Bee smiled and said, “Maybe… and maybe not”.

A story that teachers, librarians and parents will want to share with children – it’s filled with the wonder, joy and magic that is reading!
Eric Walters, award winning writer, teacher and parent

In a time when many school districts are phasing out teacher-librarians, it is important to acknowledge Margaret Ruurs’ assertion that “everyone knew that the school would not be a good school without a librarian”.
– Phyllis Simon, co-owner, Vancouver Kidsbooks

Margriet Ruurs spins a delightful story that readers of all ages will warm up to and laugh out loud with.
– Barbara May, past-president, Iowa Reading Association

The story is so descriptive and the pictures are fabulous. I wished that all teacher-librarians were like Ms. Bee!
– Savannah Francis, 11, of Monmouth, Oregon

Ms. Bee’s Magical Bookcase Coloring page (200Kb ZIP)