Salt Spring Connection

You know how wonderful it is to read a book that takes you into the character’s world, to the point where you can’t put it down and you dread coming to the end because you can’t spend more time with these new found friends?
Well – that’s what happened when I picked up Julie Burtinshaw’s book THE FREEDOM OF JENNY. The book had been on my shelf for a while. The back cover told me the book was about slavery. As soon as I started reading, the story pulled me in. I was there with Jenny and her momma and rest of the family as they toiled the fields and worked in the kitchen as slaves in Missouri in the 1840’s and ’50’s. Then the story took me along on the pioneer trail as the family traveled west to California where slaves could live in freedom. I learned much about that part of history. It came to life through the vivid characters.
But then the story took an unexpected turn – they moved on to Canada. First to Fort Victoria. And then… to Salt Spring Island.
When I picked the book up I had no idea it would take place here. I loved learning about the true history of the small island on which I live. I recognized places and people’s names. Not only a well written book but an important part of history that I had not really read about before: black pioneers. I highly recommend it to any reader!

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  1. Julie

    A glowing review from a respected author means so much and I thank you. Did you know that our first police force here in BC consisted entirely of black emigrants who had moved here from California? There were sixty members in the unit and they were called “The African Rifles.”


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