Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher

Shadow Spinnerby Susan Fletcher

I have already used Susan Fletcher’s book Alphabet of Dreams in this review blog. If you haven’t read it yet, treat yourself, this Christmas season, to reading this exquisite Christmas story! An amazing novel.

In this equally well written adventure, a serving girl faces the intrigues of a harem, the dangers of the streets, and the anger of the Sultan himself to find the needed ending to an incomplete story.

Remember Sheherazade, the Queen of stories of 1001 nights? This is the skillfully crafted tale of where she got her stories! As with Alphabet of Dreams, Susan Fletcher is a brave enough writer to take a tale we all know well, and adds the unknown background of the story as her own novel. 

Very talented, spellbinding books and well worth curling up with!

Paperback, Jean Karl Books, 224 pages
Aladdin ISBN 0689830513 (ISBN13: 9780689830518)